Trusted partners

Whether you are a small school district, a state agency, an NGO, or Fortune 500 company, Hill Research will become a trusted and loyal partner on your team. Our greatest satisfaction comes from developing long-term relationships with clients, thereby knowing better how to serve their needs.



The reputation of Hill Research and its successes has attracted top level clients across the nation from both the public and private sectors: government agencies in healthcare, transportation, professional regulation, natural resources, public safety; tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Dell; real estate developers; sports teams from the NFL and NBA; schools public and private, from pre-school to universities; hospital and healthcare organizations and foundations; utilities; faith-based and religious organizations and churches; business organizations and chambers of commerce; and, public affairs advocates, including the American Cancer Society and the Trust for Public Land.

All these clients needed assistance to better understand the public, their employees, members, or other stakeholders. Hill has proven time and again that it can generate the information and add discernment that helps move clients forward to success and leadership in their chosen fields.

Long-term client relationships are a sure indicator that Hill does good things for the organizations that it serves. Hill Research often becomes an integral part of the client family, a valued and loyal member of the team. Take Cherry Creek Schools as an example. One of the most respected and successful school districts in Colorado and the nation, Cherry Creek has used Hill Research for decades to help it surveil and navigate the growth and change that it has faced in the booming Denver Metro area. Bridging transitions through several school boards and superintendents, Hill has been an abiding and constant force in crafting messages and strategies to build parent and community support for initiatives like bond and mill levy elections, including some that support Cherry Creek’s unique Innovation Campus. Hill has helped the district understand the attributes and successes that mean most to parents and local residents, creating a reservoir of goodwill built upon past victories to ensure success in the years that lie ahead.

Some clients that we have served in the past.

This is just a few of the many we have worked with.