A spirit of innovation

For more than three decades, Hill Research has consistently embraced new and innovative methodologies to collect and analyze public opinion and market research information. Society and opinions are constantly changing, and researchers must do the same.


Hill is particularly known for “seeing around corners,” one client’s apt description of the proprietary statistical techniques we’ve refined over the decades, to uncover unique and hidden insights from data. By applying best-fit analytic and statistical solutions, Hill is able to extract more actionable results from raw data than other firms. A client favorite, our “Best-3” tool, identifies and isolates an organization’s greatest strengths or best messages, Hill highlights the shortest paths to effective marketing and advocacy.

Every client and project presents different choices and options for analysis. Not every analysis needs the latest cutting edge statistical tools. Sometimes the basic percentage is your best tool in the box, but when complex multivariate analyses are a better option, Hill brings the necessary knowledge to the task.

Our tool box is comprehensive. We were a pioneer in dial-testing, for moment-to-moment analysis of video content. We were an early adopter of mixed-mode surveys that combine results from phone and online data collection. And in the pandemic, we were a leader in doing online “Zoom” focus groups. Many clients like our offering of one-on-one, in-depth interviews.

Clear reporting and data visualization are paramount for Hill. What good are numbers and data that clients cannot understand and interpret for others in their organizations? Hill provides a clear set of “Key Findings” at the beginning of every report, highlighting the primary takeaways gleaned from a study.

Furthermore, for most clients specific recommendations for action are presented in our final reports. The meat of most reports, of course, is charting, and Hill has constantly revised and recalibrated its menu of charts and graphs through the decades, settling on those that are most easily understood and intuitive to clients. And we are constantly on the lookout for new and better forms of data visualization that will improve our work products.

Depending on the circumstances and level of data available, Hill presentations can feature sophisticated charting of longitudinal time series, before and after results, and split sample A/B comparisons. We also offer perceptual mapping of opinions and populations, to identify linkages between attitudes and demographics. For election analysis, we present potential outcomes at various turnout levels. And we also provide minimum winning coalition analyses to build models of support required among various constituencies for strategic success.


Some clients that we have served in the past.

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