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You must react daily to an often-puzzling and ever-changing matrix of attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and values. There are even disputes about separating true facts from “fake news.” At Hill Research, we help you sort all of this out, allowing your organization to move ahead with the confidence that you really know what’s on the mind of the public, customers, members, employees, patients, and other stakeholders.

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The States Where We Have Worked

Information for leadership since 1988

Since 1988, Hill Research has proven its worth in more than 40 states, conducting more than 2,000 studies of attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. These studies have provided our clients with a foundation for success in shaping and managing public affairs, marketing and crisis management. For example, Hill has worked with a wide array of Florida advocates, providing research and strategy that has resulted in voter approval of nine amendments to that state’s constitution, the most recent in 2018.

In 2019, Texas voters approved an amendment to their state constitution following a campaign based on messages developed from almost two decades of parks research conducted by Hill. The measure dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars from sporting goods sales taxes to fund the cash-strapped park system. In Colorado, HRC has polled for 22 successful statewide ballot measure campaigns since 1994, losing only twice during that 27-year period.

At the local level, from Alaska to Florida and New York to Arizona, Hill has advised hundreds of successful campaigns to secure voter approval for local funding for schools, roads, parks, libraries, jails, and economic development. The graphic look and feel of today’s United Airlines, its planes and gates, was the result of years of qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by Hill.

Trained, seasoned Researchers

Led by trained and seasoned researchers, Hill knows what it’s doing when exploring public sentiment. And that’s more important than ever as public opinion research faces mounting challenges. Americans increasingly shy away from giving interviews and double down on strategies to protect their privacy. Directed by two Ph.D. level researchers—Drs. David B. Hill and Stephen N. White—Hill knows how to cope with these trends successfully.

They carefully design and oversee each aspect of every study, from sampling to interviewing, and number crunching to reporting. And Hill researchers don’t just deliver the raw numbers. They bring to bear the informed insights and reasoned judgment borne of decades of strategic research to uncover hidden patterns in data and to craft actionable recommendations for solving clients’ problems, advancing brands, developing and targeting messages, and winning the day in every way.

David Hill, a former faculty member at Texas A&M University, received his Ph.D. from Florida State University and did post-doctoral study at the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center. He has been an invited lecturer at the University of Florida and Stanford University, and in 2020 was appointed a Fellow in the Center for the Political Future at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Stephen White, received his Ph.D. in economics from Texas A&M University in 1985, and has continued to work with Dr. Hill ever since. Dr. White is responsible for sample design and acquisition as well as data analysis. He has pioneered numerous proprietary analytical techniques and has successfully developed numerous innovative visual approaches to presenting complex data and research results.

Why Choose Hill Research?

Undertaking public opinion and marketing research properly requires the unique advanced training, experience, and knowledge that we bring to every project. And we also have the gift of judgment and reasoning that less seasoned researchers may lack.

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• Focus groups
• Online Zoom groups
• 1-on-1, in-depth interviews

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• Telephone surveys
• Online surveys
• Mixed-mode hybrid

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Data & Analytics

• Sample design & segmentation
• Multi-variate analyses
• Data visualization

The Researchers you will be working with

Dr. David B. Hill

Ph.D., Florida State University, oversees research design, questionnaire development, and reporting.

Dr. Stephen N. White

Ph.D., Texas A&M University, oversees sampling, data processing and analysis, and data visualization.

Organizations, agencies and industries we serve:

Civic Organzations
Faith Organzations
Healthcare Organizations
Mass Media
Conservation Groups

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